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Temporary Retransmissions

Temporary Retransmissions

If you need to borrow back records which you have deposited with us, contact the National Records of Scotland (NRS) Retransmissions Unit on 0131 535 1407 or email We aim to ensure that 95% of all requests are met within 2 working days of receipt, and normally meet requests well within this time.

If you are unsure of the record you wish to have retransmitted, go to our online catalogue and search under the record name or reference (if known). Otherwise, contact the NRS Retransmissions Unit at, telephone: 0131 535 1407.

You should remember that all items retransmitted have been selected for permanent preservation because they contribute something to the history of Scotland. Even if they are only a few years old at the moment, they have been chosen to stand as a record of our times in the coming centuries and must therefore be treated with special care. A guidance sheet is issued with every retransmission and should be followed carefully. All retransmitted material must be returned to the NRS as soon as possible.