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NRS Publication Schedule Changes

NRS Publication Schedule Changes

Future Publications

Details of publications which are now available, but were affected by schedule changes during 2020, can be found below in the section Recent publications.

1. Population by Country of Birth and Nationality for Scottish Areas, 2021 (Updated 16 February 2022)

 National Records of Scotland (NRS) has made the decision to cancel our next national statistics publication of Scotland’s population by country of birth and nationality which would usually be out in May. This is due to the impending reweighting of the Annual Population Survey (APS), the data of which traditionally informs the release, which will not be complete until Autumn 2022.

We will inform users once a date for the next release has been set. 

2. Migration Statistics Quarterly Summary for Scotland (Updated on 17 May 2021)

Publication of the Migration Statistics Quarterly Summary for Scotland has been paused while migration statistics are undergoing a transformation programme. Immigration Statistics and National Insurance Number allocations data will continue to be published on a quarterly basis by Home Office and the Department for Work and Pensions, respectively.

3. Mid-2021 Population Estimates for Scotland and Migration Statistics (Updated on 14 April 2022)

NRS were planning to publish Mid-2021 Population Estimates for Scotland as well as Migration Statistics in May 2022. However, due to further quality assurance of the international migration estimates for 2021, these publications have been delayed and we will update the NRS future publication schedule when a rescheduled date is confirmed.

Scottish international migration estimates are produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and they are a key component of the Scottish population estimates. The ONS have postponed publication of the UK international migration estimates to allow for further quality assurance against other available data sources, including provisional English and Welsh Census 2021 data, to have the highest confidence in the published figures.

Recent Publications

1. Avoidable Mortality (Updated on 7 March 2022)

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) has delayed this publication as we await an update from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the classification of COVID-19. We cannot publish these statistics without knowing they will be comparable internationally. 

2. Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland (Updated on 7 January 2022)

Due to public holidays there will be no publication covering deaths in week 51 on Wednesday 29th December 2021. The publication due for Wednesday 5th January 2022 will be delayed until Friday 7th January 2022. This publication will include data for weeks 51 and 52. Publications will revert back to their usual Wednesday timetable from Wednesday 12th January 2022.

The Future and Recent Publications page of the NRS website has now been updated with the revised publication dates.