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Our Products

Our Products

2011 Census

For the 2011 Census, the following geographical products were made available.

2011 Boundaries
The following information is available within this section: 

  • 2011 Output Areas;
  • 2011 Population Weighted Centroids (PWC);
  • 2011 Frozen Postcodes;
  • Local Characteristic (LC) Sectors;
  • Detailed Characteristic (DC) Sectors; and 
  • 2011 Workplace Zones.

2011 Indexes
For more information and data on the following:

  • 2011 Index containing Postcode to Output area;
  • Output area to higher area tables; and
  • accompanying lookup tables. 

2011 Census Supporting Information
This section provides supporting information on the 2011 Census geography products.

Please contact our Geography Customer Services if you need any further information.
E-mail: [email protected]

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