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Sub-national Population Estimates for ages 90 and over

Sub-national Population Estimates for ages 90 and over


This report presents estimates of the number of people in Scotland aged 90 to 99, by single year of age and ages 100 and over grouped together, by sex and council area at 30 June 2015. These estimates have been published as data being developed using a new method in response to requests for population estimates by single year of age in Scotland to use in age standardised demographic rates calculations. These allow comparisons to be made (e.g. of death rates) between areas with different age structures. Feedback on the results and method used are very welcome to statistics customer services. Estimates of centenarians at Scotland level have been available for several years now and can be accessed on the NRS website.   

Note 1: One consequence of the method used to calculate these estimates is that each year the estimates for earlier years become more accurate as more death data become available to inform age profiles. As such the data referenced in previous publications has been superseded by the data in the latest publication.

Note 2 : The estimates for 2012 to 2014 are based on the corrected estimates for those years published in April 2016. More information is available from the mid-2012, mid-2013 and mid-2014 corrected tables section of this website.


Sub-national population estimates for ages 90 and over, 2005 - 2015


Sub-national population estimates for ages 90 and over, 2004 - 2014

Sub-national time series data (193 Kb)

Further information can be found in the Methodology document on the Centenarians (and people aged 90 and over) population estimates section.

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