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Guidance for Private Owners

Guidance for Private Owners

This page tells you which sections of the website deal with advice to those who own historical records, whether the records are kept privately or are deposited in the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

The NRS gives guidance for depositors on the management and care of records, mainly in government departments and related bodies and the Scottish courts system. Some of this advice is also relevant to other owners of records. The NRS will not undertake private conservation work but can offer advice to owners on conservation and preservation of historical papers.

National Register of Archives for Scotland

The National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS) was set up in 1946 to compile a record of collections of private papers in Scotland, to encourage their care, and to make information about them available to researchers and others. The NRAS surveys records in private hands, provides owners with advice on all matters regarding the preservation and administration of their records, including questions of deposit and access. A free NRAS booklet Archive Preservation Guidelines for Private Owners is available electronically or in hard copy format on request.

Depositors of private records

If you have already deposited records with the NRS and have an enquiry, or if you are considering depositing a collection of private records with the NRS, contact us by phone, fax, email or post.