National Records of Scotland

Preserving the past, Recording the present, Informing the future

National Heritage (Scotland) Act 1985, 1985 c.16

National Heritage (Scotland) Act 1985, 1985 c.16

Part V: Public records

Amendment of Public Records (Scotland) Act

19.(1) In the Public Records (Scotland) Act 1937, in subsection (2) of section (7) (which relates to the Advisory Council)–

  • the words ", including the chairman," shall be inserted after the words "aforesaid Council"; and
  • the words from "Provided that" to the end shall cease to have effect.

(2) After section 11 there shall be inserted the following section–

“Powers of Keeper.

11A. Without prejudice to any other power he may have under this or any other enactment, the Keeper may–

  • accept responsibility for the safe keeping of records other than public records; and
  • acquire records and accept gifts and loans of records.”

(3) For subsection (3)(b) of section 12 (which relates to the disposal of documents) there shall be substituted–

  • “the disposal by destruction of any records of older date than the year 1707.”