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Heraldry uses a specific language which allows for a clear verbal description which those with heraldic knowledge anywhere in the world will be able to interpret into a pictorial version. It is this verbal description, or blazon, which determines the design of the Arms and in Volume 1 of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland there are very few pictorial renderings of blazons.


Colours or metals:-

Title Description
Or Gold or Yellow
Argent Silver or White
Gules Red
Azure Blue
Sable Black
Vert Green
Purpure Purple
Ermine White with black 'tails'
Erminois Gold with black 'tails'

Ordinaries or charges:-

Image representing the Chief blazon Image representing the Fess blazon Image representing the Pale blazon
Chief Fess Pale
Image representing the Chevron blazon Image representing the Bend blazon Image representing the Saltire blazon
Chevron Bend Saltire
Image representing the Cross blazon