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What’s in the NRS Web Archive?

What’s in the NRS Web Archive?

Copies, or ‘snapshots’, of websites which are archived by the NRS Web Continuity Service are accessible within the NRS Web Archive. Each snapshot reflects what the website looked like at the exact time it was captured.

The NRS Web Archive comprises websites created and owned by organisations which fall within NRS’s statutory and strategic collecting remit, including:

  • the Scottish Government;
  • the Scottish Parliament;
  • Scottish public authorities who transfer records to NRS;
  • the Scottish Courts;
  • Scottish Public Inquiries;
  • private organisations who deposit archival records with NRS.

These organisations own a large number of websites, so NRS prioritises which sites we archive and at what frequency. Our selection list and selection criteria can be found in our Selection Policy (213 KB PDF). New snapshots of websites will be captured and added into the NRS Web Archive on a regular basis.

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