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Why does NRS keep a Web Archive?

Why does NRS keep a Web Archive?

NRS recognises that the Scottish Government has embraced websites as the primary means for sharing public information and delivering public services. We regard these websites as forming part of the public record, and it is our statutory duty to collect, preserve and make them publicly accessible on a permanent basis. The Service delivers on this duty, as well as offering support and guidance to website owners on accessible site design: for more information see our page on archive-friendly website design.

Furthermore, archiving and providing permanent access via web continuity can help preserve the chain of online official information and support user experience. This assists the Scottish Government in its drive for greater public accountability, transparency, and business efficiency, as well as creating a new open online resource for the study of Scotland.

NRS also holds many archival collections from private owners, as these contain much that is vital to understanding the story of Scotland. We hope to maintain this approach by, where possible, archiving the websites of private owners who have an existing relationship with NRS, for example the Church of Scotland, Carnegie Trust, and landed estates.

For more details on our Service’s intended benefits, check our Web Continuity Service Model (298 KB PDF).

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