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2001 Indexes

2001 Census Index 
The 2001 Census Index contains two index tables (Postcode to Output Area, and Output Area to Higher Area) and higher area look-ups which are for use with the 2001 Census
Microsoft Access database (4.7 MB)
Comma Separated Value (CSV) (2.15 MB)

2001 Output Area code, old to new (Excel 885 Kb)
This file provides a look-up between the archived 2001 Output Area (OA) code and the new nine character 2001 OA code.

2001 Postcode to Output Area Index
Index that simply indicates to which area a postcode belongs. It can be particuarly helpful to users who may wish to compare other postcode-based data with census results.

Output Area to Higher Area Index
An index provides a link between the Output Area and the 'higher' area that the Output Area belongs to. This enables users to aggregate some output on an Output Areas base to a 'higher' area, such as council area or civil Parish.

It also contains the following lookup tables, giving the codes and names of each of the Higher Areas:

  • 2001 Electoral Ward
  • 2001 Locality
  • 2001 Settlement
  • CAS PC Sector
  • CAS Ward
  • Civil Parish
  • Council Area
  • Datazone
  • Health Board Area
  • Inhabited Islands
  • Local Enterprise Company
  • NUTS Level 2
  • NUTS Level 3
  • NUTS Level 4
  • NUTS Level 5
  • Scottish Parliamentary Constituency
  • Scottish Parliamentary Region
  • Standard Postcode Sector
  • Standard Ward
  • UK Parliamentary Constituency


These outputs are a snapshot of the position in 2001. Since then, the geographies have changed. If you require further information or a different format please contact our Geography Customer Services at the e-mail address below.

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