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Additional Information and Meetings

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Additional Information and Meetings

NHS Central Register (NHSCR) Governance Board

The NHS Central Register (NHSCR) Governance Board was set up to implement one of the recommendations of a review of the NHSCR. The review was chaired by Andrew Fraser.

The recommendation was that 'The NHSCR with its host organisation, should establish governance arrangements that link with representation from the key service users and offer strategic advice on its external relations, governance and effective policy developments.'

The NHSCR Governance Board, provides strategic advice on the operation, future development and external relations of the NHSCR in support of the NHS in Scotland, medical researchers and other users. Issues which relate to the protection of patient information held by the NHSCR will be referred to the Privacy Advisory Committee (a pre-existing body with an independent chair and membership), which advises the Medical Advisor to the Registrar General on all applications to use NHSCR data for research purposes.

Agenda, Papers and Minutes of Meetings

To view a copy of the agenda, papers and minutes of the meetings of the committee click on the appropriate link below:


Meeting on 21 January 2016


Meeting - 10 March 2015


Earlier meetings back to November 2005

Additional Information

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) recently provided the following information in response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request relating to the sharing of data from NHSCR.

NHSCR Data Sharing FOI 1500377 (part 1) (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) 226 Kb)
NHSCR Sharing FOI 15 00377 (part 2) (PDF 20 Kb)

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