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Life Expectancy in Intermediate Zones

Life Expectancy in Intermediate Zones

Life expectancy at birth by intermediate zones, based on the period 2001-2005, was originally produced by Information Services Division (ISD). For a short time, the National Records of Scotland (NRS) produced updates to these figures, which can be found in the following publications. Future updates to these figures will again be produced by ISD.

These life expectancy estimates are based on unrevised population estimates (i.e. those based on the 2001 Census). ISD have now published 2005-2009 life expectancy estimates using the revised population estimates based on the 2011 Census. ISD life expectancy estimates are available through their ScotPHO Online Profiles Tool.


Life Expectancy in Intermediate Zones, 2005-2009


Life Expectancy in Intermediate Zones, 2003-2007


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