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Welcome to the Statistical area of our website.

The Department collects, analyses and publishes a wide range of statistical information about Scotland’s people.

Publications A - Z

For a full list of all our statistical publications, listed both in alphabetical order in
Publications A - Z and by topic in Publications by topic.

Stats at a Glance

For Key statistical trends on: Council Area Profiles; Scotland's Population - Key statistics; Infographics and interactive data visualisations; and the Registrar General’s Annual Review.

Statistics by Theme

More detailed information on topics such as Households, Life Expectancy, Population, Migration, Vital Events (births, deaths and marriages) and Electoral Statistics.

About our Statistics

This section describes the background to National and official statistics, the policies and practices used to produce them and our revisions policy that details how we deal with Revisions and Corrections to our data.

User Consultation Groups and Seminars

Information on consultation groups and seminars associated with the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

Statistics Related Links

Related links to various information pages on our website, for example Future Publications, Glossary and Enquiries pages.