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About our Consultations

About our Consultations

There are many varied types of consultation. However, in general our consultation exercises aim to provide opportunities for all those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of our work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work. Our consultation exercises may involve seeking views in a number of different ways, such as written papers, public meetings, focus groups, questionnaire exercises or on-line discussion forums.

While details of particular circumstances described in a response to a consultation exercise may eventually inform what we do, consultation exercises can not address individual concerns and comments, these should be sent to us using our Contact us page.

Typically our consultations involve a written paper inviting answers to specific questions or more general views about the material presented. Written papers are distributed to organisations and individuals with an interest in the area of consultation, they are also posted under the current consultations section of this website, enabling a wider audience to access the paper and submit their responses.

The views and suggestions detailed in consultation responses are analysed and used as part of the decision-making process.

Please note that Consultation feedback responses may not have been amended and therefore may include acronyms.

If you have any queries about the consultation process please contact our Statistics Customer Services.
E-mail: [email protected]