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Understanding Scotland's population in a data driven future

Understanding Scotland's population in a data driven future

A conference held on 20 September 2018, by the National Records of Scotland (NRS)

This one day conference brought together users and producers of Scotland’s demographic statistics to understand the uses, impact and value of the statistics produced by National Records of Scotland.  With a wealth of high quality demographic statistics being made available in new and innovative ways, the population of Scotland can be understood like never before. The conference also provided recent updates on Scotland’s Census 2021.

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Conference information pack

Presentation slides

Launch of NRS statistics vision and ambitions - Amy Wilson, NRS

Programme for Government and the National Performance Framework - Tim Ellis, Scottish Government

How is Scotland's population changing and what are the implications - Kirsty MacLachlan and Esther Roughsedge, NRS

The Scottish Burden of Disease Study - Ian Grant, Principal Researcher, National Services Scotland – (presented by Diane Stockton)

NRS council area profiles and local area migration statistics - Hannah Smith and Daniel Burns, NRS

Creation and analysis of the Scottish Surveys Core Questions -  Jamie Robertson, Scottish Government

Demonstration of, Scotland's open data platform - Liam Cavin, Scottish Government

Higher or Lower ‐ How well do you know Glasgow - Bruce Whyte & Catherine Tabbner, Glasgow Centre for Public Health

Scotland’s Census 2021 ‐ Overview of design, plans and where we are - Esta Clark, NRS

Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study, SHELS Education Lecture Theatre - Laurence Gruer, Honorary Professor of Public Health

Understanding Glasgow - Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Public Health

Scotland's Census 2021 Use of admin data - Andrew Waugh, NRS

A rapid reflection model of demography in Scotland - David Robson, Scottish Government

Time‐to‐death and National Statistics in Scotland - Maria Kaye, NRS

Scottish Geospatial Strategy: Connecting people, places and things - Shona Nicol, Scottish Government

Linking Scotland’s census: enabling policy through innovative research -Iain Atherton ‐ ADRC‐S

Scotland’s Census 2021 Data Collection - Germaine Vonhof, NRS