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Freedom of Information (FOI)/Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Releases - 2019

Freedom of Information (FOI)/Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Releases - 2019

Please find previous responses to FOI/EIR requests below:


FOI/18/03424 - Request for additional information related to gender-sex question in 2011 and 2021 Census (415 KB PDF) and attachment (1.8 MB PDF)

FOI/19/00323 - Request for data on the number of Romanian citizens in Scotland (319 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03542 - Access to the Court of Session records (CS348/2007/7368) (307 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00006 - Access to the trial records of James Woolley (JC26/1920/102 and AD15/20/4)  (311 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00166 - Information on forfeit credits on the ScotlandsPeople website (312 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00170 - Access to divorce and criminal case files ((CS46/1942/12/28 and SC36/56/192 (pages 180a,180b,651,697,698)) (309 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00143 - Access to Sheriff Court records, 1929 (SC35/7/9 page 336) (204 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00169 - Access to the High Court records, 1927 (AD15/27/39 and JC26/1927/45) (312 KB PDF)

FOI/19/00171 - Access to closed divorce record, 1964 (CS258/1964/2430) (309 KB PDF)



FOI/18/03641 - Access to Hamilton Sheriff Court records ((SC37/55/17 (part 64)) (307 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03655 - Access to High Court records (AD15/20/33 and JC26/1920/118) (313 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03661- Access to divorce and court records ((CS258/3556 and SC39/99/107 (vol. entry 1801-1940)) (205 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03787 - Access to Banff Sheriff Court case (SC2/9/533, item 9) (204 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03717 - Access to Criminal case file (HH16/429) (307 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03728 - Access to Criminal case file (HH16/1) (307 KB PDF)

FOI/18/03731 - Access to Kilmarnock High Court records (JC26/1991/243) (307 KB PDF)

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