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Freedom of Information (FOI)/Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Releases - 2017

Freedom of Information (FOI)/Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Releases - 2017


FOI/17/02886 - Record of the divorce, Nicol Brown Fletcher and Ellen or Helen Gorman (196 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02736 - Marriages with gender recognition clauses and divorces where the marriage was conducted under the terms of the Equal Marriage Act (134 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02790 - Guidelines on which baby names to counsel on (128 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02525 - Barlinnie Prison Records, 1950s and 1960s (217 KB PDF)


FOI/17/02516 - Ayr Sheriff Court records, 1949 (191 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02175 - Information on WWI soldiers and suffragettes in Inverness Prison Registers (197 KB PDF)


FOI/17/02414 - Date of birth and death for individuals who died of E. Coli in 2016 (187 KB PDF) 

FOI/17/02301 - Ground subsistence and building damage in the Hopetoun Street area of Bathgate, 1975-76 (131 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02265 - National Records of Scotland Flexi-Time, Maternity Leave and Leave Policies (258 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02262 - Divorce rates related to the faith ceremony since 2005 (131 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02174 - Prison Registers, Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow (193 KB PDF)

FOI/17/02046 - Record Management Plans - Liaison and Update Table (309 KB PDF)


FOI/17/02049 - Archival Information Package (190 KB PDF)

FOI/17/01853 - Prison Discipline (HH57/1727) (189 KB PDF)


FOI/17/01690 - Scottish National Entitlement Card Programme (3.1 MB PDF)


FOI/17/01525 - Prison Registers, Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow (770 KB PDF)

FOI/17/01521 - TLC Faith and their Celebrants (930 KB PDF)

FOI/17/01300 - Scottish National Entitlement Card Programme (194 KB PDF)

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