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Rose (Glenfiddich)

Rose (Glenfiddich)

Rose (Glenfiddich), family Rosaceae
June to August

Rose 'Glenfiddich' was bred in 1976 by the internationally renowned Scottish rose breeders, Cockers of Aberdeen. Named after a Speyside single malt within the garden it celebrates the renowned Scottish violinist, composer and songwriter Neil Gow (1727-1807).

Born near Dunkeld, he was talented from an early age which is perhaps why he was sponsored by the Duke of Atholl. This allowed him to concentrate on his music and he wrote over a hundred significant and well-known fiddle tunes, to which we have danced and tapped our feet for generations. Commercially minded he went on to perform in London and Edinburgh and from 1784 onwards his tunes appeared as printed sheet music making them even better known. One of these 'Fare Well to Whisky' marks the feelings of the nation in 1799 when the making of whisky was prohibited due to a poor harvest that year. Legislators thought better to use the grain for food and for next year's seed rather than for the still.

Rose 'Glenfiddich;. Image credit: Leonora (Ellie) Enking, Flickr. CC license