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Register of Corrected Entries (now the Register of Corrections Etc)

Register of Corrected Entries (now the Register of Corrections Etc)

Original entries in the Statutory Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages cannot be altered but sometimes an error is noted or additional information comes to light.  These amendments are recorded in a separate register - the Register of Corrected Entries (RCE).  A cross-reference to the RCE volume and page is added in the margin of the statutory register entry.

These corrections are different to the clerical errors identified by District Examiners during their annual inspection of the registers.  Clerical errors are noted in the margin of the register entry by the registrar.

RCE volumes in the New Register House Dome

From 1966 the register's title changed to the Register of Corrections Etc.

This guide provides examples and tips for further research for: 

Access to RCE pages

RCE entries are available as digital images. A link has been added to the relevant entry in the statutory register and you will find this below the record image.

You can view and download a digital copy of the original RCE page provided that it is over 100 years for a birth entry, 75 years for a marriage and 50 years for a death entry.

If you order an official extract from the registers we will issue a typed certificate with the details in the original entry corrected as instructed in the RCE entry.