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Marriages and Civil Partnerships - Background Information

Marriages and Civil Partnerships - Background Information

The documents in this section provide information which is specifically about the National Records of Scotland (NRS) statistics of Marriages and Civil Partnerships. Also relevant is much of the material on topics which are covered in the general section on Vital Events documentation because it applies to several types of event. For example, pages which are available from the general section provide information about the quality of the Vital Events data (including examples of the fluctuations in, and potential unreliability of, figures for small areas, short periods or sub-groups of the population), much of which is relevant to the statistics about Marriages and the relatively small number of Civil Partnerships.


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Civil Partnerships

This section provides information which is specifically about our statistics of Civil Partnerships. 

Civil partnerships - coverage of the statistics

The Civil Partnership Act 2004, which applies throughout the UK, came into force on 5 December 2005. The Act enables same-sex couples aged 16 and over to obtain legal recognition of their relationship. 

NRS's statistics cover all civil partnerships which were registered as having taken place in Scotland, regardless of the usual residence of the people involved.


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