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Vital Events

Vital Events

The pages within this section provide a wide range of statistical information and documentation about Vital Events including births, marriages, deaths, civil partnerships and divorces.

General Background Information

Stats at a Glance
Key statistical trends: Council Area Profiles; High Level Summaries; and Registrar General’s Annual Report.

General Publications
This section contains Births, Marriages and Deaths - Quarterly Figures, Births, Marriages and Deaths - Preliminary Annual Figures, Weekly and Monthly Births and Deaths data and the Vital Events Reference Tables.

Births Time Series data and other sources of Birth statistics.

This area features a number of publications on various causes of death, including Drug-related, Alcohol-related, MRSA, C.diff and Probable Suicides. It also contains a publication on Winter Mortality, as well as Time Series data and links to other sources of death statistics including still births.

Marriages and Civil Partnerships
Data relating to Marriages and Civil Partnerships can be found within the vital events reference tables and time series data.

Annual publication of the most popular Babies' First Names for babies born in Scotland and the Most Common Surnames in Birth, Marriage and Death registers.

Divorces and Dissolutions
Time Series data, as well as further information on the production and reliability of Divorce statistics. This page has been archived, this link will take you out of the NRS Website.

Further information and data on adoptions. Re-registrations data can also be found within this section.

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All statistical publications