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Compliance Complaints Process

Compliance Complaints Process

The Keeper’s agreement of an authority’s Records Management Plan (RMP) is made on the condition that it is followed and implemented by the authority as stated in the RMP and in the RMP’s accompanying evidence which is submitted as part of the Assessment Process. The Keeper’s agreement that an authority has proper arrangements in place to manage its public records is outlined in a published Assessment Report.

Section 6 of the Act allows the Keeper to revisit a RMP only after five years has elapsed since it was last agreed in order to review an authority’s compliance. The same section also provides the Keeper with the power to carry out a records management review in relation to a group of authorities. Compliance reviews cannot otherwise be undertaken by the Keeper unless specific concerns regarding an authority’s compliance are raised by members of the public.

Members of the public are encouraged to report specific instances where there is evidence to suggest that an authority’s RMP is not being followed or implemented as agreed. To raise such a complaint, contact [email protected]. If you wish instead to discuss a potential compliance concern of a more general nature, contact the Keeper’s Public Records Act Implementation Team at [email protected].