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Portobello, 1824

Portobello, 1824

This engraved plan of the seaside town of Portobello was created from a survey by John Wood in 1824. Street names, pottery works, Portobello Tower, and the soap works are all included. A note also highlights the ‘place where [King] Geo[rge] 4 Mounted his horse [in] Aug[us]t 1822’ during his visit to Edinburgh where he reviewed troops and Highlanders on the sands with spectators watching from the dunes.

Portobello was a premier seaside resort during the 19th century with the railways bringing in holidaymakers from across Scotland to enjoy being by the water or the pleasure pier and concert pavilion. Today, on warm sunny days, the beach is still a popular destination with locals and tourists alike.

Credit: NRS, RHP13044/39 (Link to the Online Catalogue entry)