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These pages provide statistical information on aspects of housing including projections and estimates of households & dwellings. The Household Estimates and Projections branch review the methodologies used, help develop closer links between population and household statistics, and also produce small area household estimates.

Stats at a Glance
Key statistical trends: Council Area Profiles; High Level Summaries; and Registrar General’s Annual Report.

Household Estimates
Estimates of the number of households and dwellings in Scotland, including occupied and vacant dwellings, second homes and trends in household types. Statistics on households and dwellings are available for a range of areas including Scotland, Council areas and neighbourhoods (data zones).

Household Projections
Forward projections of the number of households in each Council area, strategic development plan area and national park in Scotland, by household type and age group.

Consultation and User Groups
The main user consultation group for household estimates and projections statistics is the Household Analysis Review Group (HARG) but we also consult through the Population and Migration Statistics Committee (PAMS) and more widely through the Scottish Government’s ScotStat network.

Analytical reports on households and housing
This section contains links to a number of one-off analytical reports which the National Records of Scotland (NRS) has produced on households and housing.

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