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2016-based Household Projections

2016-based Household Projections

Source Data

This file contains data that is used during the calculation of the household projections. This includes data on:

  • communal establishments;
  • private household population;
  • headship rates; and
  • Household type distribution from the Scottish Household Survey.

For more information about how this data is produced and used in the household projections please refer to the methodology section of the 2016-based household projections publication.

The file has been made available as an Excel spreadsheet and Comma Seperated Value (CSV) files in a Zipped folder. Due to the size of some tables in the file, it is not recommended for printing. The file size is 3 MB.

When opening the spreadsheet file your browser, depending on how it's been configured, will prompt to either open the file or save it to disk.

Household Projections for Scotland, 2016-based - Source Data
(Excel    CSV)


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