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Administrative Data Based Population Estimates, Scotland 2016 - Statistical Research

Administrative Data Based Population Estimates, Scotland 2016 - Statistical Research

Last update: 14 December 2021

The information here has been superseded in the Administrative Data Based Population Estimates, Scotland 2016-2018 published on 14 December 2021.

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Disclaimer: These statistical research outputs are not the OFFICIAL STATISTICS for Population Estimates for Scotland.The Official Statistics can be found in the statistics and data section of National Records of Scotland’s website.

This publication reports on the results of research into how population estimates might be produced using a range of administrative data.

Any presentation or use of these research outputs should make clear to users the nature and purpose of the statistics.

Key Findings:

The Administrative Data Based Population Estimates (ABPE) 2016 are compared with the Mid-2016 Population Estimates (MYE).

The main findings from the publication are:

  • The ABPE (5,440,486 people) was 0.7% higher than the MYE (5,404,700 people).
  • At single year of age level, ABPE was generally higher than MYE for people aged: 6–14 and 28–64 and generally lower for people aged: 1–5, 15–27 and 65+.
  • The ABPE ranged from 3.8% higher to 4.8% lower at council area level, with half of the council areas being within 1.2 per cent of MYE.
  • The results of this statistical research are encouraging. Future work will now focus on improving the quality of estimates across all age groups and at sub-national geographic aggregations.

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