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Population Estimates

Population Estimates

Mid-Year Population Estimates
The latest annual mid-year population estimates for Scotland and its constituent NHS board and council areas. This section also includes historical data back to 1982 and a time series dataset back to 1855.

Centenarians (and people aged 90 and over) Population Estimates
The latest annual mid-year estimates of persons aged 90 and over at Scotland and sub-national levels.

Small Area Population Estimates
The latest annual mid-year small area population estimates for 2011 Data Zones from 2001 onwards.

Other Geographies (2011 Data Zone based) 
The latest annual mid-year Small Area Population Estimates based on the 2011 Data Zone boundaries, including estimates for data zones, wards, parliamentary constituencies, urban rural areas (based on the Scottish Government’s Urban Rural Classification), deprived areas (based on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation), International Territorial Levels (ITL) and Scottish Island Regions . 

Settlements and Localities
This section contains the mid-year population estimates for Settlements and Localities. 

Population by Country of Birth and Nationality
Estimates of the population by Country of Birth and Nationality from the Annual Population Survey (APS).

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