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Population Estimates Time Series Data

Population Estimates Time Series Data

Last Updated: 13 July 2022

Over time, statistical outputs (and time series data) may be subject to revisions or corrections. Revisions are generally planned, and are the result of either improvements in statistical methods or the availability of additional data. For example, the annual mid-year population estimates are revised after a census to take account of the additional information gained from the census results. Details of planned revisions are held within the Metadata alongside each publication. Corrections are unplanned and occur when errors in either the statistical data or methodology are found after release of the data.  The latest correction to these datasets was in September 2018, for more information please see the revisions and corrections page.

This time series section provides access to the latest time series data, taking into account any revisions or corrections over the years.

Time series data are currently available for the years up to mid-2021. It is standard procedure to revise the annual population estimates once new census data becomes available. The population estimates for mid-2022 will be added to the time series, alongside revised figures for mid-2011 to mid-2021, later in 2024.

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