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This publication contains the mid-2005 Small Area Population Estimates (SAPE) for Scotland.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) has been involved in work to produce small area population estimates for a number of years and in October 2005 NRS published the mid-year SAPE at data zone level for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Further details of the background to the project and a description of the methodology used to produce the small area population estimates are available on the 2001-2004 Small Area Population Estimates, Scotland section of this website.

This report presents the mid-2005 estimates for data zones, by gender and five-year age groups [Footnote 1]. The estimates are consistent with the Mid-2005 Population Estimates Scotland for administrative areas.



1. With the exception of the range 10-19 which is split into the age groups 10-15 and 16-19. This has been done to allow the creation of the broad age groups children (0-15), working age (16-59/64) and pensionable age (60/65 and over).

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