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Collaboration with the Improvement Service

Collaboration with the Improvement Service

Working in collaboration with NRS, the Improvement Service (IS) have produced a set of sub-council area population projections, using a standard geography specified by users in each council across Scotland. These projections give an indication of the potential future population size and structure between mid-2018 and mid-2030 for each sub-council area, and are consistent with the sub-national projections produced by NRS (e.g. the sum of the sub-council areas are constrained to match the council projections).

The sub-council area projections are available on the IS website.

Input files for POPGROUP are also available by request from the IS ([email protected]), and these can be used to create your own projections using alternative assumptions. See step-by-step guidance on the NRS website on how to create projections in POPGROUP.

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If interested in receiving updates about population projections, including any work related to sub-council projections, please register your interest in these statistics using ScotStat.


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