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Population and Household Projections for Scottish Sub-Council Areas (2012-based)

Population and Household Projections for Scottish Sub-Council Areas (2012-based)

In 2016, the National Records of Scotland (NRS) published the results of a one-off research project to produce population and household projections for sub-council areas.

These 2012-based projections were produced with the assistance of Professor Ludi Simpson from the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST) at the University of Manchester. These experimental statistics have been published as data being developed.

Feedback on the results and method used are very welcome to Statistics Customer Services (


Population and Household Projections for Scottish sub-council areas (2012-based)

Uses and Limitations of Population Projections
Population projections have limitations and these limitations are especially applicable to projections at small area level as they are subject to greater variability. This section contains information about the limitations and uses of projections.

Projections Sub-Group - (PSG)

The Population and Migration Statistics Committee Projections Sub-Group (PSG) was set up to advise on the review of sub-national population projections for areas within Scotland, including sub-council area projections. 
Projections Sub-Group (PSG) Meetings

User Guidance

User guidance for producing sub-council area projections

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