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Death statistics which are available from other websites

Death statistics which are available from other websites

Statistics for Scotland, and for areas within Scotland

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) publishes the numbers of deaths for Local Authority areas and Health Board areas in the Vital Events Reference Tables, which are available on this website. For example, Table 6.3 provides the numbers of deaths in each Local Authority area, and in each Health Board area, broken down by the cause of death (showing over 60 different groups and sub-groups of causes of death).

NRS does not publish the numbers of deaths for geographical areas which are smaller than Local Authorities. However, some such information is available from other official web sites, which present information on deaths (produced from data which NRS supplied to those bodies) alongside other statistics for areas within Scotland. 

Other official web sites may also make available (for Scotland as a whole, or for areas within Scotland) figures which are on a different basis from those published by NRS - for example, they may provide age-sex-standardised rates which they produced using the European Standard Population.

The main sites concerned are listed below, with notes on the kinds of figures for deaths that they provided at the time that this note was written (the details of what is available may have changed subsequently, of course). 

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS)

Scottish Neighnorhood Statistics data include the following statistics:

  • includes statistics on the number of deaths by datazone and sex by calendar year of registration.    

Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) - Comparative Health – CHP Profiles

ScotPHO provides a range of health-related statistics for Health Boards, Community Health Partnerships, Intermediate Geography Zones, and areas which were defined locally by some of the Health Boards. The following deaths data are included:

  • overall mortality;
  • 'early' deaths (i.e. deaths aged under 75) from Heart Disease, from Cancer, and from Stroke;
  • alcohol-related deaths;
  • deaths from suicide.

NB: these figures are based on ScotPHO's definitions (which are set out in a document available from that web site), which may differ from those which are used by NRS. 

Public Health Scotland

Public Health Scotland provides a wide range of health-related statistics, including deaths from particular causes, such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. 

Statistics for other parts of the United Kingdom (UK)

Further information for the rest of the UK can be found via the following links:

England & Wales

(Office for National Statistics website)

Northern Ireland 

(Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency website)


Figures for England & Wales and/or Northern Ireland may not always be on exactly the same basis as NRS's figures for Scotland: there can be differences in the coverage of what at first sight appear to be the same statistics.


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