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Vital Events Reference Tables

Vital Events Reference Tables


Vital Events Reference Tables 2022


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Historical data back to 2001


Prior to 2001 the Vital Events Reference Tables were part of the Registrar General's Annual Review.

We have found that a number of tables in the reports for 1996-2000 contained data which has since been revised. Therefore we have removed the downloadable versions of all the tables for those years.

The tables can still be viewed in the PDF versions of the Registrar General's Annual Review for 1996-2000 which are available within the Registrar General's Annual Review Archive section of this website.

Revision of Marital Status Population Estimates

Following from the revision of the Marital Status Population Estimates published in October 2009, the following changes have been made to the Reference Tables:

  • Table 2.2 has been revised in the 2002 to 2006 editions;
  • Tables 3.5 and 7.2 in the 2008 edition have been revised to provide time-series which use the new Marital Status Population Estimates; and
  • Table 3.12 in the 2008 edition has been revised to use the mid-2008 estimates.

However, Tables 3.5, 3.12 and 7.2 have not been changed in the 2002 to 2007 editions as we suspect that little use would now be made of them.


Please go to the About Vital Events Reference Tables page for further information.

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