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Ethnicity of the deceased person

Ethnicity of the deceased person

Since the start of 2012, the ethnicity of the deceased person has been collected, on a voluntary basis, when a death is registered in Scotland. 

The pages in this section of the website provide links to the published tables of results and to some presentations (which provided some results along with background information about the collection of the data), describe how the information should be collected, assess the quality of the data, and supply some further background to the collection of the information.

The statistics that have been published

How the information should be collected

The quality of the data

Further background

Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) by ethnic group

This report uses linked records from death registrations and the 2011 Census to look at the likelihood that deaths involved COVID-19, and whether this differs by ethnic group in Scotland.

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Update on Methodology
(November 2021)

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(November 2021)


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(November 2021)


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at death registration

(May 2020)
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