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Keeper's Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 - Annual Report 2022

Picture of the first page of the Report of the Keeper of the Records of Scotland 2021 - 2022

The Keeper’s Annual Report for 2022 on the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011has now been published and laid before Parliament.

There are now only have a handful of Records Management Plans (RMPs) awaiting the Keeper’s first-time agreement, but new authorities regularly appear in the public sector and in time these bodies will have their records management plans agreed by the Keeper. Since assessments began in 2013 many plans have been agreed with authorities on an improvement basis. It is vital that we monitor these agreed plans to encourage continuous improvement and measure progress under the Act. To that end, Keeper’s Assessment Team continue to support the Progress Update Review (PUR) mechanism. Furthermore, the Keeper’s Assessment Team continue to invite some authorities to review their agreed RMP and submit these for the Keeper’s agreement.

In the Annual Report the Keeper reflected on a successful year and promoted the commitment to help deliver solutions, advice, and support to our stakeholder colleagues by hosting online meetings and encourage collaboration and networking by using tools such as the PRSA Knowledge Hub forum. One of the major achievements of last year was the publication of our M365 Guidance. The guidance can be found here: Resources | National Records of Scotland (