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Analytical reports on households and housing

Analytical reports on households and housing

This page contains links to a number of one-off analytical reports which the National Records of Scotland (NRS) has produced on households and housing.

Papers for the Household Analysis Review Group (HARG)
The Household Estimates and Projections branch produces various analysis papers which are discussed with our main stakeholder group, HARG, and published online.

August 2015   Household composition for specific groups of people in Scotland, Scotland's Census 2011 (PDF 2.47Mb)
Analysis of household composition, from Scotland's Census 2011.

June 2013   2011 Census Reconciliation Report - Households
Comparison of the NRS household estimates and projections with the results of Scotland's Census 2011.

December 2011   Household and Dwelling Estimates Across the UK (PDF 55Kb)
Information on the methods used to produce estimates of households and dwellings in the four UK countries.

January 2011   Household Projections Across the UK
Information on the methods used to produce household projections in the four UK countries.

June 2007   Scotland's Census 2001 - Statistics on Moving Households and Moving Groups
Analysis of migrating households and groups, from Scotland’s Census 2001.

October 2006   Household Change - Scotland in a European Setting
Analysis of family and household trends, using the ‘relationship matrix’ from Scotland’s Census 2001.

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