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Small Area Statistics on Households and Dwellings

Small Area Statistics on Households and Dwellings

Last Update: 20 June 2024
Next Update: June 2025

This section contains estimates of the numbers of households and dwellings at small area (2011 Data Zone) level.

Previous years' data are subject to change as more accurate totals are supplied from the councils. Any changes made to the data will be mentioned in the metadata tab of the excel workbooks.

Household Estimates provide data on the number and percentage of dwellings which are occupied, vacant, unoccupied exemptions, long-term empty, second homes, occupied and exempt from paying council tax, or that are receiving a ‘single adult’ Council Tax discount. The estimates are available for each year from 2014 onwards. This data comes from Council Tax billing systems.

An Interactive map is also available.

Dwelling Estimates provide data on the number and characteristics of dwellings including Council Tax Band, type of dwelling, number of rooms per dwelling and number of dwellings per hectare. The estimates are available for each year from 2005 onwards.

This includes a consistent back series of estimates on 2011 Data Zone boundaries from 2005 to 2013. (More information and details on the production of this back series can be found in a supporting methodology paper.) Data for 2018 to 2023 on type of dwelling and number of rooms are not yet available for publication.

The datasheets are in excel format

Household Estimates

(Max File size 4.6 MB)

Dwellings Estimates

(Max File size 16.2 MB)

2001 Data Zones
Household estimates (2007 to 2014) and dwelling estimates (2003 to 2017) by 2001 Data Zone are available in archive .

Corrections and revisions
Household and dwelling estimates for small areas and other geographies are corrected in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics if errors occur. Information on previous corrections to these statistics is available from the Revisions and Corrections page.

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