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UK Parliamentary Constituency Population Estimates (2011 Data Zone based)

UK Parliamentary Constituency Population Estimates (2011 Data Zone based)

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This section provides annual mid-year population estimates for the 59 UK Parliamentary Constituencies (UKPCs) in Scotland. The constituency boundaries and names correspond to those defined for the 2005 UK Parliament elections. The population estimates are available for each year from 2001 onwards for 2011 Data Zones, broken down by sex and single year of age.

Parliamentary constituency boundaries may change from one election to the next. A constituency in the 2005 elections may have a different boundary from one with the same name in earlier elections. These estimates show how the populations in 2005 UKPCs have changed over time.

Populations for UKPCs are based on data zone population estimates where each data zone has been assigned to a particular UKPC. Where a data zone crosses the boundary of two (or more) UKPCs it was assigned to the constituency containing the location of the population-weighted centroid of the data zone.

Work carried out using 2011 Census data suggested that UKPC population estimates based on 2011 Data Zones were within 2.5 per cent of the ‘true’ (that is Postcode based) population for 57 out of the 59 UK Parliamentary Constituencies. The estimates for the remaining two UKPCs (Glasgow North West and Glasgow North) have been adjusted to account for a boundary problem.  The Evaluation of Non Standard Geography Population Estimates report on this website, gives further information on the data used in the quality assurance process.

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