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Projected Population of Scotland (2018-based)

Projected Population of Scotland (2018-based)

Notice – 11 June 2020

An error has been found in the 2018-based national population projections (NPP), involving the incorrect processing of cross-border flows between Wales and England. There is no change to the projections for Scotland, Northern Ireland or the UK as a whole. More information on the error can be found on the ONS website.  Whilst there are no changes to Scotland’s projected population, this correction has affected the cross-UK and European comparisons. Corrections have been made to the infographic (page 4), section 3 (pages 15-17) and section 5 (pages 20-21) of the publication. 

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EU Migration Variants

Population projections for Scotland using different assumptions of future EU migration. Data and analysis can be found in this section

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Statistical bulletin for the UK population projections, as well as open data at UK and Scotland level.

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