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Monthly births, Scotland

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Monthly births, Scotland

Last update: 30 May 2024
Next update: 27 June 2024
Frequency: Monthly

This page contains monthly data on births registered in Scotland.

Table 1 presents the numbers of births registered in Scotland, and each National Health Service (NHS) Board area, for every month since 1990.

Table 2 presents the numbers of births registered in Scotland, and each council area, for every month since 1996.

Tables 3 and 4 present the number of births which occurred in Scotland. This includes the number of births in each month, rather than the number of registrations, to provide more useable data on the number of births during the part of 2020 when registration of births was postponed, and the subsequent months when all of the postponed registrations took place.

Please note that there may be some minor discrepancies between the figures which are given here and those that are appear in the Quarterly and Annual tables, because the tables may have been extracted at different times, and a small number of records may have been added to the statistical database in the intervening period.

Correction 31 August 2023 – Data for March, May and June 2023 was missing from Table M2C due to a processing error. This has now been corrected.

Monthly births in Scotland - 1990 to 2024


Registration delays

Births should be registered within 21 days of occurrence. Analysis of the time taken to register births is available on the following page of our website:

Births and Deaths: Days until Registration | National Records of Scotland (

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