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Schoolchildren count too in census 2022 thanks to teaching aids

Schoolchildren count too in census 2022 thanks to teaching aids

Wednesday, 11 May 2022
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As households across Scotland are urged to complete their census return by the end of the month, Scotland’s ‘next generation’ are also being engaged and inspired to learn more about the once-in-a-decade opportunity to shape their future, using new classroom tools.

Teachers across Scotland are being encouraged to use “Speak Census”, a range of educational materials to help encourage children to learn about the census and the benefits it offers to local communities.

Designed to work alongside the Curriculum for Excellence and supported by Education Scotland, the Speak Census teaching materials are aimed at primary school-aged children, with in-class activities to help support lessons about the census.

Chief Executive for National Records of Scotland, Paul Lowe said:

“Speak Census is helping the next generation of young people understand what the census is and why it is so important to their local area and the future of their nation.

“I’d encourage all schools and organisations working with children to make use of these free resources. These will not only help our young people better understand the important task that their parents, carers and guardians are undertaking right now but will also support them in the future, when it is their turn to participate. We want to continue to maximise this ongoing enthusiasm across the nation to complete the census before the end of May.

"Help and support is available on our website or via our free helpline 0800 030 8308. Paper forms are also still available on request for those who need them.”

Senior Education Officer for Social Studies at Education Scotland, Lynne Robertson said:

“Education Scotland is pleased to support these materials for schools.  The census is an important feature of our social landscape and learning about it will help our children and young people to become the responsible citizens and effective contributors of the future.”

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