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Robert Baillie of Jerviswood (1634-1684)

Robert Baillie of Jerviswood (1634-1684)


Robert Baillie of Jerviswood was from Lanarkshire, where his father, George, had acquired the estates of Jerviswood and Mellerstain. In 1676 he rescued his brother-in-law, James Kirkton, a presbyterian minister in the Church of Scotland, from house arrest and was imprisoned briefly for his pains. In 1683, after his plans to emigrate to South Carolina had come to nothing he went to London, where he became involved with the duke of Monmouth's faction. The duke was the natural son of Charles II and believed himself entitled to the throne. After the discovery of the Rye House plot against the king's life, Robert Baillie was arrested and sent to Scotland. He was put on trial for treason, found guilty on unconvincing evidence and sentenced to be hanged. Sentence was carried out the same day.

Testament of Robert Baillie of Jerviswood

National Records of Scotland, CC8/8/79 pp 473-474

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