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Anne Grant (1755-1838)

Anne Grant (1755-1838)


Anne Grant was the daughter of Duncan MacVicar, an officer in the army, and spent her childhood in America. After the death of her husband, the Reverend James Grant, in 1801 she turned to writing poetry and essays. Her works include 'Poems' (1803), 'Letters from the Mountains' (1806), 'Memoirs of an American Lady' (1808) and 'Superstitions of the Highlanders' (1811). On moving to Edinburgh in 1810 she became one of the literati in the 'Athens of the North'. A royal pension was procured for her by the influence of Sir Walter Scott, who encouraged and admired her writing.

Testament of Anne Grant

National Records of Scotland, SC70/1/63 pp 152-153

Seven of her eight children died before her, and it is her youngest son, John Peter, who is the deponent of the inventory.

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