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Hall of Fame A-Z

Hall of Fame A-Z


Robert Adam (1728-1792), architect

William Adam (1689-1748), builder and architect

William Alexander (c1567-1641), poet and politician

Sir William Arrol (1839-1913), civil engineer


Dame Isobel Baillie (1895-1983), singer

Robert Baillie of Jerviswood (1634-1684), conspirator

John Logie Baird (1888-1946), television engineer

Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930), Prime Minister

J M Barrie (1860-1937), playwright and novelist

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), educator of the deaf and inventor of the telephone

Sir Charles Bell (1774-1842), physiologist and surgeon

Joseph Black (1728-1799), chemist and physician

James Boswell (1740-1795), lawyer, diarist and biographer of Samuel Johnson

Harry Bowers (1883-1912), polar explorer

Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), natural philosopher and academic administrator

John Broadwood (1732-1812), harpsichord and piano manufacturer

Henry Brougham (1778-1868), Lord Chancellor

George Douglas Brown (1869-1902), writer

George Mackay Brown (1921-1996), poet and writer

John Brown (1826-1883), personal servant to Queen Victoria

John Buchan (1875-1940), author, publisher and Governor-General of Canada

Gilbert Burnet (1643-1715), Bishop of Salisbury and historian

Robert Burns (1759-1796), poet

Sir William Burrell (1861-1958), art collector

Sir Matt Busby (1909-1994), football manager


David Calderwood (1575-1650), Church of Scotland minister and historian

Archibald Campbell (1658-1703), nobleman and politician

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), Prime Minister

Alexander Carlyle (1722-1805), Church of Scotland minister and memorialist

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), author, biographer and historian

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), manufacturer and philanthropist

William Carstairs (1649-1716), Church of Scotland minister and political adviser

James Chalmers (1782-1853), Post Office reformer

Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), founder of the Free Church of Scotland

Agatha Christie (1890-1976), writer

Jim Clark (1936-1968), world champion racing driver

Sir John Clerk of Penicuik (1676-1755), politician and antiquary

Alison Cockburn (1717-1794), writer and literary hostess

Henry Cockburn (1779-1854), author and judge

Archibald Constable (1774-1827), publisher

James Craig (1739-1795), architect and designer of Edinburgh's New Town

A J Cronin (1896-1981), novelist

William Cullen (1710-1790), chemist and physician

Stanley Cursiter (1887-1976), painter, museum director and cartographer


David Dale (1739-1806), industrialist and philanthropist

James Dalrymple (1619-1695), lawyer and politician

Sir John Dalrymple (1648-1707), politician and Lord Advocate

Henry Stewart, lord Darnley (1545/6-1567), second consort of Mary Queen of Scots

Randall Davidson (1848-1930), Archbishop of Canterbury

Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859), essayist

William Denny (1815-1854), shipbuilder and shipowner

Sir James Dewar (1842-1923), chemist and physicist

George Dick (1914-1997), pathologist and virologist

James Donaldson (1751-1830), newspaper editor and philanthropist

Archibald Douglas (1694-1761), landowner

David Douglas

James Douglas (1662-1711), politician)

Margaret Douglas (d 1775), noblewoman

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), writer

William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649), poet and pamphleteer

Henry Duncan (1774-1846), founder of the first savings bank run on business principles

Henry Dundas (1742-1811), politician

John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921), inventor and pioneer of the pneumatic rubber tyre


Mary Erskine (1629-1707), businesswoman and philanthropist

Thomas Erskine (1732-1781), composer


Adam Ferguson (1723-1816), philosopher and historian

Andrew Fisher (1862-1928), Prime Minister of Australia

Sir Alexander Fleming (1881-1955), bacteriologist and discoverer of penicillin

Duncan Forbes of Culloden (1644-1704), genealogist and politician

George Forrest

Robert Foulis (1707-1776) and Andrew Foulis (1712-1775), printers and book-sellers

Simon Fraser (1773-1852), editor of traditional music and composer

Edmund Fresson (1891-1963), airline executive


Patrick Geddes

Lewis Grassic Gibbon - pseudonym of James Leslie Mitchell (1901-1935), writer

James Gilchrist (1832-1894), violin maker

Thomas Blake Glover (1838-1911), merchant

Neil Gow (1727-1807), music-seller and composer

James Gillespie Graham (1776-1855), architect

James Grahame (1790-1842), historian

Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932), writer and Secretary of the Bank of England

Anne Grant (1755-1838), author

Jimmie Guthrie (1897-1937), racing motorcyclist

Thomas Guthrie (1803-1873), Free Church of Scotland minister and philanthropist


Basil Hall (1788-1844), naval officer and author

John Hamilton (1656-1708), politician

Thomas Hamilton (1563-1637), lawyer and politician

William Hamilton (1704-1754), poet and Jacobite army officer

Keir Hardie (1856-1915), founder of the Labour Party

Adam Hepburn (d 1513), Master of the Royal Stables

Andrew Heriot (died c1531), laird

George Heriot (1563-1624), jeweller and philanthropist

David Octavius Hill (1802-1870, painter and photographer

James Hogg (1770-1835), poet and novelist

Sir Alec Douglas-Home (1903-1995), Prime Minister

Francis Horner (1778-1817), politician

David Hume (1711-1796), philosopher and historian

Joseph Hume (1777-1855), radical and politician

James Hutton (1726-1797), geologist


Elsie Inglis (1864-1917), physician, surgeon and suffragette


David "Monterey" Jack (1822-1909), businessman

Francis Jeffrey (1773-1850), writer and judge

Samuel Johnston (1733-1816), American lawyer and statesman


John Knox (d 1572), religious reformer


Cosmo Gordon Lang (1864-1945), Archbishop of Canterbury

Sir Harry Lauder (1870-1950, music hall entertainer

Sir John Lauder (1646-1742), judge and political commentator

Bonar Law (1858-1923), Prime Minister

David Leslie (1601-1682), army officer

George Leveson-Gower (1758-1833), landowner

James Bowman Lindsay (1799-1862), experimenter with electricity and writer on theology

David Livingstone (1813-1873, explorer and missionary

George Lockhart of Carnwath (1681-1731), Jacobite politician and memoirist

John Gibson Lockhart (1794-1854), writer and literary editor

Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875), geologist

Benny Lynch (1913-1946), world boxing champion

Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1937), Prime Minister

Alexander MacDonell (1725-1761), soldier and Jacobite

William MacGillivray (1796-1852), ornithologist and natural historian

Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734), outlaw and folk hero

Charles Macintosh (1766-1843), chemist and inventor of waterproof fabric

Sir Alexander Mackenzie (1764-1820), explorer

Alexander Mackenzie (1822-1892), Prime Minister of Canada

George Mackenzie (d 1651, chief of Clan Mackenzie

Henry Mackenzie (1745-1831, writer

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), architect, decorative artist and watercolour painter

Agnes Maclehose (1758-1841), letter-writer and poet

Lachlan Macquarie (1761-1824), army officer and colonial governor

Robert Macqueen, Lord Braxfield (1722-1799), judge

John Maitland (1616-1682), politician

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587)

Francis Masson

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), physicist

Horatio McCulloch (1805-1867), landscape painter

Andrew Meikle (1719-1811), millwright and inventor of the threshing machine

John Middleton (1619-1674), army officer

Hugh Miller (1802-1856), geologist, evangelical journalist and writer

James Leslie Mitchell (1901-1935), writer

Alexander Monro (1697-1767), founder of the University of Edinburgh's Medical School

Agnes Mowbray (d 1595), wife of Robert Crichton of Eliok, Lord Advocate

John Muir (1838-1914), conservationist

William Murdoch (1754-1839), engineer and discoverer of coal gas

Alexander Murray (1775-1813), orientalist

Lady Caroline Nairne (1766-1845), songwiter

Thomas Nelson (1780-1861), publisher and printer


Archibald Pitcairne (1652-1713), physician

John Playfair (1748-1819), mathematician and geologist

William Henry Playfair (1790-1857), architect



John Rae (1813-1893), Arctic explorer

Henry Raeburn (1756-1823), portrait painter

Sir George Houstoun Reid (1845-1918), Prime Minister of Australia

Thomas Reid (1710-1796), natural and moral philosopher

Lord John Reith (1889-1971), first Director-General of the BBC

David Riccio (1533-1566), musician and courtier

William Robertson (1721-1793), historian and minister of the Church of Scotland

Lord John Russell (1792-1878), Prime Minister

Daniel Rutherford (1749-1819), physicist and chemist


Saint Andrew

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), poet and novelist

Patrick Sellar (1780-1851), sheep farmer and agent of the Highland Clearances

Bill Shankly (1913-1981), football manager

James Sharp (1618-1679), Archbishop of St Andrews

Sir James Young Simpson (1811-1870), physician and obstetrician

John Slezer (d 1717), army officer and topographical draughtsman

Adam Smith (1723-1790), moral philosopher and political economist

Sir William Alexander Smith (1854-1914), founder of the Boys' Brigade

Tobias Smollett (1721-1771), writer

Jock Stein (1922-1985), football manager

Robert Stevenson (1772-1850), civil engineer

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), writer

Dugald Stewart (1753-1828), philosopher

John Stuart, third earl of Bute (1713-1792), Prime Minister

Elizabeth Sutherland (1765-1839), landowner


Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury

Thomas Telford (1757-1834), civil engineer

Charles Tennant (1768-1838), chemical manufacturer

Alexander 'Greek' Thomson (1817-1875), architect

William Thomson, Baron Kelvin of Largs (1824-1907), mathematician and physician




James Watt (1736-1819), engineer

Sir David Wilkie (1785-1841), painter of genre historical subjects and portraits

Alexander Wilson (1714-1786), astronomer and type founder

George Washington Wilson (1823-1893), miniature painter and photographer

James Wilson (1742-1798), signatory to the American Declaration of Independence

John Witherspoon (1723-1794), signatory to the American Declaration of Independence

Robert Wodrow (1679-1734), ecclesiastical historian



James Young (1811-1883), chemist and philanthropist