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Andrew Heriot (died c1531)

Andrew Heriot (died c1531)


Andrew Heriot, laird of Trabroun, died circa 1 October 1531. His sister or daughter, Agnes, was the mother of George Buchanan (1506-82), the humanist Latin scholar and poet, who was also tutor to Queen Mary and the young James VI (later VI and I). He was succeeded by his grandson, James, who was present at the Reformation parliament in 1560, acted as a negotiator for Mary Queen of Scots before the battle of Carberry in 1567 and was captured fighting for her at Langside in 1568. He was granted a remission in 1578 and died on the 4 October 1580.
James was succeeded by his son of the same name, who had married Isobella, daughter of the chancellor Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington (1496-1587), a poet and preserver of early Scots verse, on the 1 October 1560. They had issue (there is mention of a son named Robert), but James granted a charter for the lands of Trabroun to Sir John Hamilton (born 1605), grandson of his sister Elizabeth on the 17 October 1611.

Testament of Andrew Heriot, laird of Trabroun

National Records of Scotland, CC8/8/1A, p34

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