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Sir Samuel Greig (1735-1788)

Sir Samuel Greig (1735-1788)

Father of the Russian Navy

Samuel Greig lived in Edinburgh and Burntisland before joining the navy and serving at sea. He later accepted a commission in the Russian navy where he quickly established himself. He was rewarded with promotion to rear-admiral, then vice-admiral and commander at Kronstadt. He invited engineers from Scotland to assist with major improvements there. Following success against the Swedish fleet Catherine the Great appointed him Knight of the Order of St Andrew. He died on board ship soon afterwards and was buried at Revel where his grave is marked by a magnificent tomb. His son, Samuel Greig, married the future Mary Somerville.

Birth in 1735

Samuel Greig (here given as Greg) was born on 30 November 1735, the son of Charles Greig, shipmaster, and Jean Charters. The entry in the Old Parish Register of baptims for Inverkeithing in Fife shows he was baptised on 2 December before the congregation.

Birth and baptism entry for Samuel Greig

Birth and baptism of Samuel Greig (34 KB jpeg)
National Records of Scotland, OPR 432/5